Enjoy Effortless Teamwork

Our bespoke private social networks encourage collaboration amongst your staff, reduce internal emails and help you to keep your organisation working the way you want it to.

Our platform saves you time and money.

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Everything in one place

Why use multiple tools, when you can have it all in one?  Our platform offers a one-stop-shop for collaborative tools which you can access from anywhere in the world.

Shared Calendars

Every project and asset has its own calendar, or you can view a global calendar to see exactly what is going on.

Live News Feeds

Keep your finger on the pulse with live newsfeeds from every part of your organisation.  Never again will your employees need to write a report.


Task Management

Progress reports are built-in as standard with our advanced project and task management tool.

Custom Dashboards

Our custom dashboards track your revenue, sales, social media followers, or simply the queue time in your stores – we can plug into any existing web-based system and represent your data in ways which are helpful to you..

Encourage collaboration

Empower your team to make forward progress under your supervision.  Encourage them by ‘liking’ progress and guide them with comments if you need to.

Make your best decisions, every time.

Managing a team can be difficult at the best of times.  Until now, managers often had to make decisions based on out-dated or imperfect information.  We bring your right up to date so that you can make the best decisions.

Foguru Dashboard
Search Bar In-App Notifications Secure, Private Messaging Foguru TravelClub Foguru Help Calendar Residential Departments Your World Your Dashboard Upcoming Events Your Tasks Latest Activities

Search Bar

Search for anything in your world here and hit enter.  Your results will be displayed so you can find the information you require quickly.

In-App Notifications

Empty your email inbox - the things you need to know about will be here waiting for you.

Secure, Private Messaging

Sometimes, you just want to have a quiet word with someone.  This is where you can have those sidebar conversations.

Foguru TravelClub

Find not-available-to-the-public deals on flights and hotels - we help you to manage your travel budget and this operates as a nice free perk for your staff.

Foguru Help

Foguru Help & Support

Our fully-detailed help platform is on hand to assist you and your users in their every requirement of the platform.  Search for answers or chat with our support team to get the most out of our platform.


Manage your staff, resources and projects on one centralised, access-controlled calendar - everyone can see what they need to see, but nothing which you'd prefer to keep private.

Residential Departments

From the housekeeping team to your personal assistants, we collect them all in one place so you can make requests, give instruction and get information at the touch of a button.

Your World

We know all family offices are different - we will consult with you and build your platform to match your world and your way of working - invite external suppliers, your bankers, your lawyer or your finance team to your various projects, assets and investments so that you can ensure that all of your team are on the same page.

Your Dashboard

Take a holistic view of your family office, or drill down into individual projects, assets or investments - each 'space' is displayed in a familiar, easy-to-learn interface, like many of the most popular social networks

Upcoming Events

Get at-a-glance reminders of what's next on your busy schedule.

Your Tasks

Set reminders, note down 'things to do' and tick them off as you go.

Latest Activities

Monitor your team as they go about their work, in as much or as little detail as you have the time for.

Stage early interventions when necessary, and 'like' jobs well done.

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Foguru: A secure, private and customisable internal communication platform that reduces the volume of email by about 80%.

We Support Startups

Early-stage company?  You can enjoy a significant discount in using Foguru to grow your business.

Our platform saves you time and money.

30-day Free Trial  |  No Obligation  |  Cancel Any Time